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Yet another blog rewrite


fn main() {
    println!("hello world");

So somehow I have managed to rewrite my blog once again. This time we are using zola, which is a static site generator written in rust. It's pretty nice since you can do everything in markdown and it comes with a bunch of features like search index, syntax highlighting etc. I have finally caved in and decided to use modern technologies for once instead of the insanity of what I was working with before.

First blog was a very long time ago when I wanted to learn django. This was unfinished so it doesn't really count.

Next is this shell script that tacks on new blog posts to an existing file. It worked okay but got annoying when I wanted to change up the format of the blog pages or wanted to edit stuff. It was a reasonable project since I was learning shell scripting. I actually made a decent couple posts using this blog system.

After this was when I became mentally ill. Here is a makefile based blog script that is more or less finished. It started off quite elegant with me using envsubst to do variable substitutions in md files as templating. It then spiraled into me trying to write a templating engine in makefile complete with a md to html generator written in sed. Honestly if I polished up this project and finished the sed script it could be a pretty decent and lightweight static blog generator.

Needless to say, I got a bit tired of writing shell scripts for my blogs and just wanted something that works and has all the features I wanted. So that's why I'm using a prebuild tool for once. Perhaps if I get bored I'll write another blog script but we shall see 😋.